The Kevo Naturals Story

An American Indian saying reads, 'For every ailment there is a plant to cure it'.  KEVO Naturals® takes this belief system to heart.  We believe in the vibrational harmony that occurs with all naturally occurring life.

About KEVO Naturals. Our founder created several all natural products for his own use because of bad reactions to pharmaceuticals and drug store products.  Learning that essential oils served as very effective antibiotics and anti-septics, he began using essential oils for everything from wound disinfectant to cold remedies.   This actually worked! So he collected information from the works of noted herbalists as well as books on Chinese treatments using essential oils. This lead to the creation of our 3 blends never to be without.

Why:  Keeping it simple!  We understand that there are a lot of people who are interested in all natural health products but learning about them can be a daunting task.   So we settled on just 3 oil blends because they were the ones we used the most and covered most needs.

ABOUT:  More research revealed that plant extractions (Essential Oils & Herbs) have the following properties; anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and help support cell function.   Additionally, these remedies have been used by civilizations for centuries and that made sense to us.

 OMNI CARE Oil: (Formerly ORAL CARE) As the name implies, this oil can be used for just about everything.  Originally developed for brushing teeth and keeping a healthy mouth, reported uses for this oil have eclipsed this modest goal.  People who use this product have reported an end to the perpetual mucus build up in their throat and mouth leading to open sinuses which results in easier breathing, a clear head and better energy and mood.









DEEP TISSUE Oil: Developed as a pain relief rub, this oil contains traditional oils that stimulate circulation such as wintergreen oil and peppermint oil.  Additionally we added camphor, clove, and cinnamon oils to stimulate capillaries in order to move blood and oxygen which encourage healing in the afflicted area.  It has also been used as an antiseptic, itch relief on bug bites and anti-fungal.  More components and uses for this blend and a full description can be found on the Deep Tissue Oil page.  

GUARDIAN Oil:  This is the strongest of our blends.  As the name suggests, this oil has been shown to help fight bacteria, microbes and fungi.  It is a favorite among our long time customers as well as those looking for a powerful all purpose antiseptic to put in the medicine cabinet.

Over the years KEVO has experimented with every type of natural healing product to be found and discovered there is a treasure trove of anti-bacterials, anti-microbials, anti-fungals and more that are found in pure extracts from plants.  They all seem to work well and have not initiated any kind of allergic reaction in the body.  Now, after many years of using essential oils as antiseptic for wounds, anti-fungal for sinus clearing, anti-bacterial for purifying air and a multitude of additional uses, he has chosen three of his favorite blends to make available to anyone seeking better personal care products. 3 Blends never to be without. 

These oils are sourced from the best growers who provide the highest and purest quality bulk oils from which we mix our blends.  You can be sure that every product we offer is the best available and made as if we are going to use them ourselves, because we do!