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Travel Companions

1) With no chemical preservatives in KEVO Naturals products, how long will they stay fresh?   Natural components such as the ingredients in KEVO Naturals® products will last about two years, we like to say.  That said, pure essential oils have been known to maintain their potency and properties for many years  when kept in cool dark conditions yet they can break down much quicker in hot and or lighted conditions.

2) Where are KEVO Naturals products made? We are based in Southern California and produce our products here.

3) Can KEVO Naturals oil blends be used for more than what the label implies?   Yes!  All our oils have many uses.  They are of the highest quality and sourced from proven, reputable suppliers of natural oils.  This gives us the anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and additional healthful properties that essential oils are famous for.  As an example, our 'Omni Care' oil was originally made for brushing teeth and maintaining healthy balance in the mouth.  One customer reported using it to rid herself of a chronic sinus infection and then helped some of her friends in the same way.  So yes, people are using these oils for a variety of things other than what they are labeled for.  However, caution is advised not to apply them near eyes or sensitive tissues.

  4) What makes KEVO Naturals products better than other 'all natural' products?                                                                                                                                                          We don't say we are 'better' than others because we hope other producers are making the highest quality product they can, like we do.  At KEVO Naturals® we source only the best oils from trusted and vetted growers and suppliers.  We seek out organic plant based materials. This is because we adhere to the simple belief that people are water based organisms and therefore we should use water based substances for our personal care.  Some companies use petroleum based ingredients such as mineral oil, or chemical additives and preservatives which is something we avoid doing.  Putting these things in or on our bodies is mixing water and oil and we believe that usually doesn't work out too well.  

5) I like supporting small businesses with integrity and positive vision. My old favorite maker of natural personal care products sold out to a big chemical manufacturer.  Who owns KEVO Naturals?  KEVO Naturals® is a privately held company owned by the founder.  

6) I have heard that your company plans to expand it's product line, when will that occur and what products will be added?    We are always looking for high quality natural products to enhance our line.  Right now we are looking at an eye cream composed entirely from plants that we may add to our line.  That said, anything that comes to the KEVO line will have gone through extensive testing by us personally.  

7) Will natural products be more or less likely to cause rashes?  There are differing theories on this question throughout the personal care industry.  While natural products are not inherently hypoallergenic, we do believe they work with our bodies better than manufactured chemicals.  When someone experiences a reaction with an all natural product, it is very common that chemical toxic build up being pushed out of the cells by the natural ingredients as the body seeks homeostasis.  If you experience any discomfort from a KEVO Naturals® product, discontinue using it then notify KEVO Naturals so that we may investigate it.